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Two 100-year-old family-run companies combine forces: OQEMA expands its range of services by acquiring ACC BEKU

- The OQEMA Group broadens its business by acquiring ACC BEKU – Herstellung und Vertrieb chemischer Spezialerzeugnisse GmbH, expanding its range of services

- OQEMA continues with its Europe strategy: this step strengthens OQEMA’s market position in Germany

Liedberg, 1 June 2022

The OQEMA Group was founded in 1922 and is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Started as a small, family-run chemicals company, OQEMA is today one of the top ten chemical distributors in Europe, and we are not stopping there either. We are identifying opportunities for growth, seizing them and further expanding our presence in Europe with determination.

ACC BEKU was established in 1922 and operates in the manufacturing and sale of special chemical products, much like the OQEMA Group has done for 100 years for numerous companies, some of them known worldwide. The company is based in Edenkoben and has another plant in Hassloch. It specialises in manufacturing and bottling hardeners, lacquers and other chemicals that are used in many areas of everyday life.

The company will become part of the OQEMA Group on 1 June 2022 as an independent subsidiary called OQEMIQS. ACC BEKU is a fantastic gain for the OQEMA Group not only because of its manufacturing, bottling and production of individual packaging, but also because of its value-added service – which is similarly embedded deep within the OQEMA DNA. ‘When it receives special requests, it searches for solutions that help the customer, just like OQEMA does,’ said Hartmut Kunz, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at the OQEMA Group. ‘By acquiring ACC BEKU, we are not only combining the 100 years of expertise that both companies have, but also expanding our range of services so that we can offer customers added value,’ he added.

Sabrina Kunz, who shares the same surname by coincidence, will continue managing the business of OQEMIQS as Managing Director and feels highly confident about the future: ‘Particularly with the OQEMA Group’s European network and expertise on one hand and OQEMIQS’ focus on value-added services on the other, we have two business models that are an excellent strategic complement to each other and make us feel very positive about the future.’

Her husband Matthias Kunz will provide his concentrated knowledge about all of the OQEMA Group’s services to expand the portfolio of services further and broaden the overall value-adding service provided to OQEMA customers.

The OQEMA Group, formerly known as Overlack, is one of Europe’s leading chemical distributors. It currently employs almost 1,300 people at 45 locations in 23 countries. The OQEMA Group is positioned at the interface between chemical manufacturers and chemical-processing industries, providing services Europe-wide across entire supply chains – from procurement to product development and individual formulation to logistics and recycling. It has exceptional expertise in providing technical and regulatory support to customers. OQEMA is also an exclusive sales partner for a variety of highly regarded manufacturers. OQEMA offers a dynamic and constantly growing portfolio of over 14,000 products.

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