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Our Brand

We experience a high level of appreciation because we act in an entrepreneurial and pioneering way. We also aim to characterise and shape the European distribution market in the long run. Our brand name OQEMA is an expression of our European vision of the future, and since the beginning of 2018 has brought together all companies within the Group under the canopy of a uniform external presence.

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet

William Shakespeare

What does OQEMA represent?

We have retained the "O" from Overlack as a recognition factor. As OQEMA we also practice what has made Overlack so successful in the last 95 years – reliability, flexibility, a spirit of partnership and working hard for the satisfaction of our suppliers, customers and partners.

The "QEM" represents chemistry. We intentionally selected the spelling with "Q". The letter Q represents "Qaracter", the willingness to develop extraordinary solutions for employees, suppliers, customers and partners and to look beyond the horizon.

The "A" expresses our geographical approach of "all over Europe".