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We take our responsibility very seriously with regard to the environment; we recycle or prepare any accruing waste products. The adoption of such tasks places our activities in this area in the consideration of the public sphere, authorities and the legislative bodies. This is a responsibility that can be accepted – and in our view should be accepted as well. It is however something that cannot be done as a sideline, but demands responsible control and constant observance.

With this function we also unburden producing companies – ecology put into practice.

We currently operate three systems for the preparation of organic solvents with a distillation capacity of 18,000 t/year with rectification columns and agitator blowers. We maintain 850 cubic metres of tank storage for halogen-free solvents and 660 cubic metres of containerised storage.

Our service spectrum consists of the

  • processing and preparation of solvent-based old stock,
  • sale of high purity distillates,
  • contract distillation,
  • safety systems for solvents and
  • our lab service: in-house quality control

Tommy Reinbold

Head of Sales, OQEMA Process

T +49 8234 7099120
tommy.reinbold( at )

Dr. Thomas Heinrich

Managing Director OQEMA AG Switzerland

T +41 79 158 68 90
thomas.heinrich( at )